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Enter an Amazon ASIN (e.g. B000VWEFP8) or an ISBN-10 (e.g. 0881791326) and use the link.

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Create ASIN shortlinks from your browser

Drag this link: shortlink to your browser's links toolbar and then create shortlinks directly from pages you're viewing by clicking it in your toolbar.

Computed shortlinks shortlinks are computed rather than stuck in a fragile opaque database (what typical generic URL shorteners do). Computed shortlinks are superior because anyone (e.g. browsers, other applications, sites) can programmatically determine where they go. Computed shortlinks are thus more robust, being inherently repairable by inspection, while database shortlinks break irreparably when their site is down.

Given an shortlink path p (the part of an URL after the last slash "/"), here is how you convert it to an ASIN (including ISBN-10) :

  1. if p starts with a "~", convert the portion after from New Base 60 sexagesimal to decimal, left-pad with 0s to nine digits, compute and append the ISBN-10 final checksum digit.
  2. otherwise if p is less than eight characters, convert it from New Base 60 sexagesimal to conventional alphanumeric hexatridecimal, left-pad it with 0s to nine digits, and prepend the letter "B".
  3. otherwise if it has dashes, filter them out, and use the result directly as an ISBN.
  4. otherwise treat p directly as an ASIN.